Amateur Radio Operations
High Speed Multimedia (HSMM) and DStar

HSMM-MESH Access Point Construction

With the help of several people, lead by Kip, AE5IB, a number of amateurs in the North Texas Area began the process of construct equipment and planning for a network of HSMM-MESH nodes.  The system would would be feed from a number of locations, but one of the primary points of distribution would be the Plano Amateur Radio Klub (PARK) repeater site.  With a omni-directional gain antenna on an 180 foot water tower in Allen we expected a good coverage area.  It was determined that the HSMM-MESH software used by the Austin area ham organization would be a great starting point.  Below are a number of pages detailing the construction an operation of the some parts of the system.

My Implementation of an Outdoor Enclosure

Initial Path Plots From My Home to the PARK Repeater

DStar Equipment

More information to come.  I currently own a ID-1 and a ID-800.  I am still attempting to better learn how to operate the radios.